Monday, May 30, 2011


Today  remenbering those's that we love, 
who have gone on ahead of us.
So nice to know that there will be,
 some one waiting for us,
 when we get their.
Have a nice day.
And please remenber,
to pray for our Troops.


Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Memorial Day dear Cathyjo. I will pray for our troops and give thanks for those who have served and given so much in the past.

Have a great day. I hope you are feeling better. Hugs, Lura

redesigngal said...

Hi Cathyjo: Thank you for stopping by my blog come back again and do leave a comment. I see we are mutual friends with Lura. Isn't she just the sweetest person and SO BRAVE. I admire her so much! She is handling what God has given her and she will come out of it just fine.
I love your blog, it is really cute and I love some of your gadgets. I am trying to learn how to do that for mine.
You take good care of yourself and know that we in blogland love you.
{{Hugs}} Joy

Jan's Blog said...

Hey, we can add redesigngal to our family. She looks like a really nice person, and she already loves Lura...

Have a great tomorrow!!!

. said...

Hey,, I came by to visit you via a friend and fellow blogger. My name is Karen, co~author of and I wanted to swing by and introduce ourselves ..We have meet so many wonderful christian woman via the blogging world.. Hope you can swing by a visit us some time soon.. I enjoyed your post, and look forward to becoming Blogging Buddies as well.. Have a great and blessed day..