Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love of Family

Now if only my family felt that way.
Well mybe they do, I just don't feel it.
And that's just me. It's a state of mind.
 They don't realy know me all that well.
 But the Lord knows,and that's all,
  that realy madters anyways.
 I Love my Family.
And my dear Friends.

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Jan's Blog said...

I think we have very similar lives my sweet friend. My family is not close, well, far from it. I've had to make my friends my family, and I'm so glad I did because my friends give me the love my family never could. It still hurts though doesn't it...not having a loving family, or not being valued by your family. You be a part of my family Cathyjo~~you, and me, and Lura, and who knows who else. Hugs to you my friend, my sister.