Sunday, April 29, 2012

AH Church

I finely was felling well enought to be able to go to church today.
I haven't benn up to it all this munth, It alway's make's for a grate week.
So glad you all were able to drop by Thank You.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


I found this site below
 I just love Rose's and Flower's
Mybe you would like to check it out.
I got pan of Honey Cron Bread in the oven.

Friday, April 27, 2012


And we need to remenber that we are
Our Dear Lord will always love us.
It just so nice to know that some one does.
That we are never alone....unless you want
to be....that's up to you.
Hope you have a Grate Weekend. ((HUGS))

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hi! I'm back

Hello everyone I'm back.
Just happy to get back on.
I lost  my dashboard
 some how and could not post.
Had to waite for my grandson
to be able to get around to fix it.
Not a whole lot going on .
But I still like to feel I can get on
whenever I want to.
I just went to the Doc. the other day
He up my med's,and added 2 more.
so hopefuly I will get some how pulled
back together.And feel more like blogging.
Sorry that I've been so messed up.
Take Care. ((HUGS))

Monday, April 16, 2012


Ah! I'm just out of WACK some how these's day's.
can't seem to get with it somehow.Sorry.
Need to get out somewere for awhile.
Just don't know how..No money or Tran..
Just stuck it seems...So going crazzy.
Hope you all are fairing better.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring is Finely here.

 Yep Noble is out and about today Sping is  here he say's.
It's so good to see him...we been looking for him.
I love the little guy he's so cute.

You know because of my diabetis I have nerve damage
in my eye's and also in my right leg along with RA.
And my right leg will not do what I want it to. So
that is why some one alway's stick's in the car or truck for me.
And if I fall down I have NO why to get up on my own.
So it does make life more of a challenging,but I need to
moveing forword and not look back.. So it's babby steps
one at a time when I realy want to run .
But my The Lord's will be done..For omly he can...
He give life...and take's it..and hopefuly we are ready.
We need to keep on trying to do our best each day.
Be a Angle and help other's a long the way.
For he only has our hands to help him.It help's to stay beusy.
Thanks to all who drops by .Hope all is well with you and your's.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feeling lost

This is my Dear Friend Thelma...
We served on a few church calling
though out the year's..  She was in
 a car accident on April 2nd.
And now with her love one's on the other side.
She has realy been a rock for me, to leen on
the last few year's, Alway's there to call and talk to.
Now I feel lost, Who will call ? to see if I'm ok?
Who can I call almost any time, and she be there.
Yep I'm having a pity party....I will truely miss her.
I'm on my own now more or less...Yes I have the Lord.
But so verry nice to have someone here a live.
That  know's and real care's in the same way.
Well life go's on, and time I will be ok.
It just got a little onelyer.
(HUGS) Take Care.

PS. I found out from her son it happen on April 1st.
I had talk to her early thar morring.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

mess up

Well BW realy didn't hts picture tooken.

Anyway I got the time mess up today some how,
so diidn't get to hear all the talk's.
But enjoyed what I did.I guess it's alfull
but I'm not praying for monthain's
to clim or want to be polished.
But on the other hand I know it's best.
I know I should be more thankfull
for my trial's as they help me grow.
I'm most thankfull for all less,
I know that I still have a long way's to go.
Thanks for droping by (HUGS)

PS my PC keeps messing up also
and the mouse lately.