Friday, February 24, 2012

Thinking of You

Hi! I've been thinking about You.
And hope all's well with You and Your's.
You all been in my Prayers
I'm so thankful for all of Your Prayers.
And for all my Blessings.
I'm feeling so much better now.
I don't know what was worng
I think something to due with the flew.
Anyway last Sunday I got out to church
wasn't feeling the best at the tine.
But when night came I came down with
a real bad headacke over my eye's
and it felt like my eye's large and going
to pop,lasted for hour's it seem.
I put a cold clove on my forhead.and
just keap praying,anyway later on fill
to sleep and worke up in about two hours
and my eye's were runing and I wipe them
and they just keep running and this whent
on for over a day and a halfe. But then
my head felt better and lighter,so did my
eye's. And I been feeling better ever sents.
And looking forwords to evern feeling
better still.So good to have a clear head.
I hope I haven't bord You All to much.
Thanks agin for Your Prayer's.And have
Lovely Weekend. ((HUGS))

Monday, February 20, 2012


There's Amanda with her creation
she maked for her ward B-Bord

Sorry I've not been upto Bloging
And staying off my computer lately
also not doing much reading.
As I've been having eye truobles
I could always use your prayers
And thank to all who drops by
When I can I will try to drop by
your site's, I have so enjoyed them.
So hopefuly you all will have grate
Week. ((HUGS))

Monday, February 13, 2012

Have a Happy DAY

Yes these's are for YOU.
I do hope YOU like them.

Agin Thanks for your Prayers.
and I'm feeling much better.
I was finely able to get out to
church on Sunday.
Have a grate Week. ((HUGS))

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About last post

Oh! I know it's pass,but not realy. Sure warm's one up, many way's.
And put's smile's on face' any age.

And my last post you got wrong.
it wasn't the cat that did it, the dog
did it. She Nina cout the brid and
gave it to the cat BW. and the next
day we cout Nina taken him a lisard.
As I've said in the pass Nina thinks
she's a cat and trys to do likewise,
She's crazzy about BW.
She trys to drag BW around,He
much biger then her,They play together,
Always carrying on one way other.

I'm feeling better as my chest is leting up.
more each day. And want to Thank You
All for your Prayers.
Hope You ll Have a Grate Week.((HUGS))

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two kids

Yep these's too, they are wors them 2year old
when they get together,they like to drive me mad.
I had to go out shoping yestorday, soneone left my
bedroom door open, I know that BW was sleeping
on my bed when I left, When I got back I found a
dead brid in my bed, A grift to BW from Nina and
 feather's verrywever,what a mess.

I had to have help geting both legs in the car,
usely lonyly one, Humidity it sure gets in One's bones.
My cheast is leting up  more,be glad when it's gone.

Well do have a lovely weekend. ((HUGS))