Thursday, May 8, 2014

Have a Wonderful Weekend

Sorry not much going on around here.
I been to the Doc's and got med's
and took them, but still I'm got
some left it seems.
I was going to take a trip down
to see my  son Bobby in Ely
this Sat. but don't feel well
enough to do so..It just to
long of a trip, to handle.Maybe nexts
month I can do it.Hopefully

This happen April 27th
across the steet from us.

There were 7 Firetrucks
....and 1 ambiances.

Well teres what it looks
like now.

The people have moved out.
and this is what we now
have to look at....for how
long ?...

I was up early this morning
and took these...5:25-30

As you know its been windy
and it bowed hard and left
things amess.

They were almost laying on
the ground.I wounder when
the wind will finely stop.
I hope I can get out
and realy do some thing.

Thanks for doping by, I
hope you all have a wonderful
weekend....God Bless