Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This Judy make for Amanda to carry her things in for In-a-toot class
And Judy make this strip rag rug, She's make's a lot of thing's out of rug's,just to relax.
She enjoy kniting and some crochet.
Amanda make this bag to carry her Scriptures in.

And here is a picture of a Temlpe, Amanda make out of crap papper.
Amanda also make meny papper flowers, She gets bord and try's to fine things to do.

I mayself do a lot of reading,to tell the truth most of it seem to seep out,
can't hold it in to store it. and lost much that I had once. Scary.
My RA has been acking up , driving me nuts, because of the weater est.
Sorry not much going on around here. I do want to let you all know that
I do realy enjoy your Blog's ever so much, thank you for sharing.
Maybe next month. ((HUGS))

Sunday, March 18, 2012

About trip

yes crazzy I know,but just had to try,
It's just a psit in the sky.

I went down to Fllorance and back,
to visit with my son Robert.
Had a nice visit. Lift here at 10:00am
got down at 7 to 12:00pm .
And lift there at 4:09pm and got to
house at 5:35pm.
Crawed like a snial for about 10miles
going down becuse of the Remadsons Festable.
Came home and went right to bed by 6:pm and
got up at 9:00am ,got dress and went out to church.
Sill tried and sour. It's been raining most of the day.
Going to bed early tonight. Sorry I know this not
much of a post ah thats just me. Take Care.((HUGS))

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Little T& T

Nour wanted to have his train's pic token.
He love's his train's. These are his lonly moverize one's he has.
Anyway I whent ove to visit Tus, It was Carolyn 8th Wed. Anve.
And I droped in to cheer her up. ASs it's just another day anymore.
Nour ran around taken silly pic's.will post some other day.
Today cold and windy out. anyway to us. sour and lame also.
I took some pic's of my so called graden. Here they are.
And here is a dear old pland

Just something lovely to look at.

Thanks to all that drop's by.

Hoping You All have a Grate Weekend.((HUGS))

Friday, March 2, 2012


I love seeing the Samrock in bloom it's so lovely
They come back every year,and bring hope.

I can't seem to stay above the weater thees days.
Sure hope all of You are fairing better.
This Wrold surely neens All our Prayers
Theres so many that surely can use it.
We All neen the Lord;s Help to get us though
each hour and day, I know I Do,It;s the onlyway.
Not feeling up to much today,but feeling better now
So I wanted to say Hi! and Thank you All for
Droping By. Will post when up to it.