Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy, Helloween

Yes it's this bad out in the laundry room,
sorry to say.
It's not hook to the house realy,
but just out the back door.
And it's look like it was just thounth
together some how and never realy done.
We've pack it full of this and that,
here and ther. What a mess it has become.
Well no longer,
I and Judy have been hard at work.

We'll be busy again, as we'll be making chili .
Larry making a bach for Judy and I'm doing one.
Taking it to church on the 28th as that is when we
have our ward Trunk or Treat night.
It's a real fun time for all, I just love whaching the
little one's enjoying there selfs.
Sure hope all of you have a grate Helloween.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Prayers Needed

Just what we need....LOVE
My son inlaw is driving me crazzy.
He hasn't found a job yet,
and is bitching at my daughter.
I know it's hard on him, as our
life stile is not the same.
And he goe's out looking dayily
for work.......Need much prayer.

I did get out to church Sunday
and so glad I did, it always help's.
And dear Lura called today, was
so good to hear her voice, realy
maked my day. Thank You so
much Lura love you.
Take Care , (((HUGS)))

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of Wack

I'm hoping I'm only in the fall of my life and not the winter.
I do wish it was the sping as that's my favorite  time of the year.
But afraid that has long past. I love seeing things grow.

I'm still out of wack, just not feeling well.
I think I will go lay back down for a while.
Hoping to make it out to church today,
geuss we will see. Take Care. ((Hugs))

Thursday, October 20, 2011

For Today

This is for a 8yr old ,I use to have one
like it.The last time I wore it I was 22yr.
It does have some pink in it also,
It just don't show up.
Anyway forgot I had this one.
My Mom use to have many.
One of each color,She loved them.
Seem tobe the thing back in the 50th's.

Amanda wore this one for Holloween
one year long ago. Time doe's fly.
And faster every year...Just blink
and this yr. will be over.
Just my thoughts for now.
Take Care, ((HUGS))

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Forgot

Don't think these's would of done any good.
I went and visited my Son, in Florence AZ.
Was a nice trip and a real nice visit.
I hadn't seen him in five year's.
It's always so  hard to leve.
No matter where I go,
 I alway fine it had to leve.
I think it's partly becuse I had a hard time,
just to leve the house, in the frist place.
I would love to see the world.,
And everything in beteen.
But I'm a big scraidycat.
Oh! what did I forget/?
I took my Nikon and forgot the card.
And could shoot myself. NO Pic's.

Well life go's on. So paste on a Smile.
There's always another Day.

My dear friend Lura gave her Testimony,
yesterday. It's a must read.....I belive.

Friday, October 14, 2011

For You

I do wish this for You All
I'm so Thankful for all your Friendships.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One's Child

One dose not for-get their child.
no matter how old they are,or you maybe.
Or what they have done, or not done.
We love them and pray for them always.
They always live close to our hearts.

I plan on going to see my dear son Bobby on the 15th.
It's a long trip for me,so hope I'm up to it,will be giving it my best.
As I so much want to see him and give him a big Hug.
As today is his B-Day...35yrs long ago, but just yestorday.
So please keep me in your prayers that all works out.
I will be most gratefull,Thank You so much.

It's been verry besy around here lately, just rearanging.
And geting Judy and Larry setteled in. And they have been
ever so besy helping me, as there was so much to be done.
We have started to slow down now finely.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Most Gratfull

It's so wonderfull that their's so many Angels all around us.
Both the seen and unseen one's, we are so blessed to have them.
And what a blessing it is to be of  servics to Our Heavenly Farther.

well I've shrely have been blessed, and most gratefull .
To Judy and Larry for all they have done for me.
I realy have needed  the help so bad for so so long.
And couldn't  fine anyone  who realy wanded to take the time to give it.
I had askpleeded and prayed for help often.

Oh, yes some said yes but wanted it their way, not mind.
I dont know what they were thinking, do you?
So I'm most  Gratefull  for a  Heavenly Father who  Love's me.
For all  my many Blessings He given me.

Hoping you have a( Grate) weekend.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So called Graden

This is my oldest (Judy)

As you can see this all I have left of my knot-out-rose's. Not much to look at.
And here a start of my so called graden.
So far 2beef tomatoes plants and 2 other tomatoes plants, 2bell pepper plants,.
And planing to put in beets, spinch, and musard, from seeds.
Some flowers seeds also, and just see what happens.

I do miss all of you out in Blogland, do drop by.
As you are dear to me, more then you know.
Take Care,and Have a Nice Week.