Monday, October 17, 2011

I Forgot

Don't think these's would of done any good.
I went and visited my Son, in Florence AZ.
Was a nice trip and a real nice visit.
I hadn't seen him in five year's.
It's always so  hard to leve.
No matter where I go,
 I alway fine it had to leve.
I think it's partly becuse I had a hard time,
just to leve the house, in the frist place.
I would love to see the world.,
And everything in beteen.
But I'm a big scraidycat.
Oh! what did I forget/?
I took my Nikon and forgot the card.
And could shoot myself. NO Pic's.

Well life go's on. So paste on a Smile.
There's always another Day.

My dear friend Lura gave her Testimony,
yesterday. It's a must read.....I belive.

1 comment:

Buttercup said...

You will have to carry the memories in your heart.