Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One's Child

One dose not for-get their child.
no matter how old they are,or you maybe.
Or what they have done, or not done.
We love them and pray for them always.
They always live close to our hearts.

I plan on going to see my dear son Bobby on the 15th.
It's a long trip for me,so hope I'm up to it,will be giving it my best.
As I so much want to see him and give him a big Hug.
As today is his B-Day...35yrs ...so long ago, but just yestorday.
So please keep me in your prayers that all works out.
I will be most gratefull,Thank You so much.

It's been verry besy around here lately, just rearanging.
And geting Judy and Larry setteled in. And they have been
ever so besy helping me, as there was so much to be done.
We have started to slow down now finely.


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