Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Soon

I'm looking forwords to fall so
tried of this everlasting heat.
My bones don't care much for winter.
So I'll be wainting for Spring after .
Well just my thoughs  for now.
Have a nice day. ((Hugs))

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Wold of Tribulation

Yes we are having more and more its seem.
"The Savior (spoke) to His disciples as He
faced His Crucifixion and as they faced fear.
disarray,and persecution, in His last collective
counsel to them in mortality'He said :
"These things I have spoken unto you, that in
 me ye might have the world ye shall
have tribulation : but be of good cheer; I have
overcome the world "  (John 16:33)
We more then ever need to hold fast to our Faith.
And know all will be well...Let the Lords will  be done.
TRUST in The Lord your and always.
Have a nice day. (((Hugs)))

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lord is in Charge

Yes its Nour hes grown and weres big boys underware now.
I only see him on Sundays at church and I get ((HUGS)) from him.
And from his Mom, They help make my day. As you know that I
 don't sleep well at as it's to hot and humid, so I'm tried out when I
get home from church so I lay down for a nap and they trun out to
be quite long at times. Oh heres a picture of Nour's Mom &Dad
Just before they got Married. And everything went whell until  Nour
came along.As is Dad didn't want kid's ever. And his Dad has maked
her life  ---sents last March when the seven years were up.

A real sad story but true. They need many prayers.

Here's Carolyn's High School Grad Picture at 18 yrs.

And here she is now, so verry unhappy and sad.
My heart just crys for her.
The older they get I seem to worry more,
 But all of this has truned her to
the Lord and now has gone though the Temple.
I do know the Lord is in
charge and that sure helps me ever so much.
Take Care. ((HUGS))

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fining Peace

I ran across this APP its so cute
it's for iPhone and you can get
the Ensign. I don't have a iPhone.
But do get th ENSIGN mage.
And I do enjoy reading it.So I
thought I would leve you with
a little something that I read.
How Can We Find Peace
And Hope In Troubled Times?
Elder Jeffrey B. Holland of the
Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
helps answer this question in
"This the Greatest of All Dispensations"
1,"live as faithfully as we possibly can...
We must not be paralyzed just because
(of events) ahead of us somewhere".
2,"Never let fear and the father of fear
(Satan himself)divert us from our faith and
faithful living".
3,"Be faithful God is in charge.He knows
your name and He knows your needs".
Consider searching the scri[tures
for verses on Hope, Peace, and
faith in Jesus Christ.
I know if you will do this you will fine
your answers.
Take Care,(((HUGS)))

Thursday, August 25, 2011

a Spot of Green

The only green spot in the backyard.

And that is were Noble lives.

Such a cute little guy anyway I think a guy.

And heres BW and Nina is near by.
just didn't get her.This was around 6:30am.
Well got whash to do and its geting late
so got to get with it before the heat gets me.
Have a nice day. ((HUGS))

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life Goes On

The sink got plug up some how
And the washer was running
and backup in the sink and it
over flowed on the kitchen floor
what a mess. Today things are
back to getter and I belive so
M'I. Hoping the rest of the week
runs smoothly. Sorry I just don't feel
much like bloging these's day's or
realy being on the computer.Why?
I just don't know. Take Care.

Monday, August 22, 2011


I wish that I might have many Friends.
Those that do are so very Blessed.
And all that have had them sents
chilhood are  Especially Blessed.
I just haven't been blessed that way
or has my children, sorry to say.
If not maybe in the here after we will.
I pray so..I'm so glad for all that are.
Take Care. (((HUGS)))

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Brids

Meet the brids, at the top is Dancer, then comes Baby and next is Gabby.
Now Gabby is in love with herslef, Dancer is in love with Gabby,and Babby
is in love with Dancer. Babby is the youngest and Gabby the oldest. They
been around in the family a good15- 18yrs or so. They are quite something at
time's. I enjoy them even if they do keep me cleaning up after them.
Have a lovely week. (((HUGS)))
 PS.Babby used to talk est. We have Cats so they must stay in and safe.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Need this

Yes it seem even I need this
quite offten, And always have
 and always will. I think that
 go's for  most of us.

Been layed up with RA
sometime's it can get
petty bad.

I'm not going to blog
every day, just now
 and then. Whenever.

But will be thinking
of you all and praying
for the best for all.

"Courage doesn't
always roar.
Sometime's courage
is the little voice at
the end of the day
that says,
I'll try again tomorrow."

By- Winston Churchill

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finely Here

She's finely here and no worse for wear
just lovely.She just adorable,I can't take
my eyes off of her.She make's me (Smile)
Shell put her were I can see her and just
hold her from time to time.As my eyes
aren't all that good.So she will hang
right by my computer and I and her will
be taking walks in the country. ah crazzy
yes I know,so whats new? Have a good
night,sweet dreams.((Hugs))

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Warm Smile

The Generous Nature

Serve the Lord, and try not to fine fault
with each other.Live so that you will not
have any fault to fine with yourselves,
and never mind the faults of your brethren,
for each person has enough of his own to
attend to.
To be gentle and kind, modest and truthful,
to be full of faith and integrity, doing no wrong
is of God; goodness sheds a halo of loveliness
around every person who possesses it, making
thrir countenances beam with light, and their
society desirable because of its excellency.
They are loved of God, of holy angels, and of
all the good on earth, while they are hated,
envied, admired and feared by the wicked.

Discoures of Brigham Young

So very true don't you think?
Do have a lovely week. ((HUGS))

Saturday, August 13, 2011

For Marie


Have a very Happy 56th Brithday.
It's a honner to be your friend.
May the Lord bless you always.

Friday, August 12, 2011

What to say

Sorry not much realy to say.

They look so lovely ...ah but do belive for the young.
Not much going on around here.
Just a long day and I'm in a blah
mood...don't know why.
Well maybe because I have two
grils that are having things hard.
And just all thats going on in the
World these days. It can get to you.

And one can get tried of making lemonaide.
Sometime the old recipe doen't work well.
And it's hard to fine just the right one.
Ah...But one must keep on trying I do know.
And in the end......It all works out.

"Bear ye one another's burderns and so fulfill the law of Christ"
 (Calatians 6:21)

Have a wonederful weekend. ((Hugs))

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The worth Of A Friend

Can you measure the worth of a sunbeam,
The worth of a treasured smile,
The value of love and of giving
The things that make life worthwhile?
Can you cling to a precious minute
When at last it has ticked away?
At the end of a fleeting lifetime
Who of us dare bid it stay.

Can you measure the worth of tomorrow,
The good that by chance might come,
The heartaches, the joys and the sorrows,
Each an important one?
Life has a way of demanding
Right to the very end,
The prize to be sought...understanding,
That comes from the worth of a friend.

Can you measure the vallue of friendship,
Of knowing that someone is there,
Of faith and of hope and of courage,
A treasured and goodly share?
For nothing is higher in value,
Whatever life chooses to send...
Wemust prove that we, too, are worthy
And equal the worth of a friend.

By -Garnett Ann Schutlz

I'm feeling much better,I seem to
had a lot of gas, it has passed.
Of course I still have my RA
that flares up and drive's me crazzy.
Just a part of my life.One has to
learn to live with and I'm not to
good a it.
You all Take Care.((HUGS))

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doing Ok

Ah! yes I'm feeling much better today.
Do hope it last's and just keeps geting better.
And as always so much that needs to get done.
I do so much hope all of you out there in blogland,
are well and doing ok. Take Care. (((HUGS)))

Monday, August 8, 2011

Not sure

Not sure what to write about today.
Not been feeling well lately,which is
upseting and not sleeping well .
I could use some prayers always.
I though I'll share this picture of
Walt with you tooken about 10yrs
ago I think. He saying Hi! Bye!
see you all later.And he will.
Thak Care .(((HUGS)))

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Enjoy the Day

Sorry just haven't been able to sleep all night,don't know why.
You need to click on pic. then they will work. ((Hugs))

Saturday, August 6, 2011

You Have the Power

This picture just seem like it might
be a place somewere in Heaven.
What do you think? I can see my
love one's enjoying it.

You Have the Power

This life is yours
Take the power
to choose what you want to be
and do it well
Take the power
to love what you want in life
and love it honestly
Take the power
to walk in the forest
and be a part of nature
Take the power
to contral your own life
No one else can do it for you
Nothing is too good for you
You deserve the best
Take the power
to make your life
and very happy

By-Susan Polis Schutz

 I hope everyone has a
grate weekend. And I
hope Lura that you'll
have a wonedful Bithday.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Need each other

This is so verry true, When your planing
don't forget to ask for  His help.
I need Him more and more it seem.

Our little Noble was out runing around
so I cought him and put him in a box
until after the lawn gets mowed about
5:30-6:30am them he'll be free agin.
I worry about him alot, I've tryed to
to do for him but he just don't let me.
He's a 3 Toed Turtle and he live's
in the back yard for about 4 yrs now.
He could use your prayers always.
If you know anything about this type
of turtle let me know I can't seem to
fine much and what I have don't work.
the yard is mostly dead due to the heat.
I realy don't know how he makes it.
The Lord must truely love him, I know
I do he's realy sweet. We all need the Lord.
We all need each other, Stay safe. ((Hugs))

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Marie

 Little Marie
Isn't she lovely she's on her way.
And I can't wait,  hope she will
like her new home. Will try to
do my best by her always.
You all have a lovely day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good Nite

I've been out grocery shopping and dead tried out.
always m but more so today as it was way to humied
to sleep I keap on trying all night with no luck.
So I'm not sure what I'm doing realy.So good nite.
Take Care. (((HUGS)))
And yes It's my dear Judy's B-Day today
Happy Brithday to you dear Judy.ooxx

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Each Day

Each day I try to do my part .Hopeful I do, bring a smile
to someone out in blogland. I know that most of you
out in blogland bring me (Smile's) Thank You.
As their are many blogs that I've tryed to leve a
comment on and know matter how many time's
that I've tryed I could not.I don't know why, but I've
tryed over and over. No more.I enjoyed so many TY.
 for sharing. And doing your part each day.

I want to stop and wish (Judy) A Happy B-Day.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Some Rain

This would be nice to have, and I keep
praying that we do soon. In the day time.
A nice long  all day shower.

But we did get this  last night
and it didn't last long enough.

 Amanda was happy to see  the rain
and ran out to enjoy it, then said she
could use and umbrella.
It's muggie here today, It's said that we
still have a chance for more rain, but the
westside doesn't usely get it. and that's us.
I'm feeling little better, but not must.
Take Care. ((HUGS))