Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lord is in Charge

Yes its Nour hes grown and weres big boys underware now.
I only see him on Sundays at church and I get ((HUGS)) from him.
And from his Mom, They help make my day. As you know that I
 don't sleep well at as it's to hot and humid, so I'm tried out when I
get home from church so I lay down for a nap and they trun out to
be quite long at times. Oh heres a picture of Nour's Mom &Dad
Just before they got Married. And everything went whell until  Nour
came along.As is Dad didn't want kid's ever. And his Dad has maked
her life  ---sents last March when the seven years were up.

A real sad story but true. They need many prayers.

Here's Carolyn's High School Grad Picture at 18 yrs.

And here she is now, so verry unhappy and sad.
My heart just crys for her.
The older they get I seem to worry more,
 But all of this has truned her to
the Lord and now has gone though the Temple.
I do know the Lord is in
charge and that sure helps me ever so much.
Take Care. ((HUGS))


Grammy Staffy said...

It is true.... the Lord is in charge. Sometimes it is hard for us to realize that. If her hard times have turned her towards the Lord then all is not in vain. I wish you and her well. Have a good week my friend. Hugs, Lura

Marie said...

The Lord is always in charge Cathy, even when we think He has forgotten us. He does have a plan and it is a beautiful one. I am so grateful that I have a heart that sees this. I send you much love today and always, xxoo