Friday, August 12, 2011

What to say

Sorry not much realy to say.

They look so lovely ...ah but do belive for the young.
Not much going on around here.
Just a long day and I'm in a blah
mood...don't know why.
Well maybe because I have two
grils that are having things hard.
And just all thats going on in the
World these days. It can get to you.

And one can get tried of making lemonaide.
Sometime the old recipe doen't work well.
And it's hard to fine just the right one.
Ah...But one must keep on trying I do know.
And in the end......It all works out.

"Bear ye one another's burderns and so fulfill the law of Christ"
 (Calatians 6:21)

Have a wonederful weekend. ((Hugs))

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