Monday, August 15, 2011

A Warm Smile

The Generous Nature

Serve the Lord, and try not to fine fault
with each other.Live so that you will not
have any fault to fine with yourselves,
and never mind the faults of your brethren,
for each person has enough of his own to
attend to.
To be gentle and kind, modest and truthful,
to be full of faith and integrity, doing no wrong
is of God; goodness sheds a halo of loveliness
around every person who possesses it, making
thrir countenances beam with light, and their
society desirable because of its excellency.
They are loved of God, of holy angels, and of
all the good on earth, while they are hated,
envied, admired and feared by the wicked.

Discoures of Brigham Young

So very true don't you think?
Do have a lovely week. ((HUGS))

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Grammy Staffy said...

Once again your blog has inspired me and made me smile. I wish that we were neighbors... I am sure that our cheeks would ache with all the smiling we would do.

I hope that you are feeling OK... I know that you never really feel good and I am sorry for that.

Have a great week... and yes... I do agree with Brigham Young. He gives us good advice.... so keep smiling sweet friend. Hugs, Lura