Friday, August 5, 2011

Need each other

This is so verry true, When your planing
don't forget to ask for  His help.
I need Him more and more it seem.

Our little Noble was out runing around
so I cought him and put him in a box
until after the lawn gets mowed about
5:30-6:30am them he'll be free agin.
I worry about him alot, I've tryed to
to do for him but he just don't let me.
He's a 3 Toed Turtle and he live's
in the back yard for about 4 yrs now.
He could use your prayers always.
If you know anything about this type
of turtle let me know I can't seem to
fine much and what I have don't work.
the yard is mostly dead due to the heat.
I realy don't know how he makes it.
The Lord must truely love him, I know
I do he's realy sweet. We all need the Lord.
We all need each other, Stay safe. ((Hugs))

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