Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This Judy make for Amanda to carry her things in for In-a-toot class
And Judy make this strip rag rug, She's make's a lot of thing's out of rug's,just to relax.
She enjoy kniting and some crochet.
Amanda make this bag to carry her Scriptures in.

And here is a picture of a Temlpe, Amanda make out of crap papper.
Amanda also make meny papper flowers, She gets bord and try's to fine things to do.

I mayself do a lot of reading,to tell the truth most of it seem to seep out,
can't hold it in to store it. and lost much that I had once. Scary.
My RA has been acking up , driving me nuts, because of the weater est.
Sorry not much going on around here. I do want to let you all know that
I do realy enjoy your Blog's ever so much, thank you for sharing.
Maybe next month. ((HUGS))

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Jan's Blog said...

Those are darling craft projects. I'm trying to do my crafts myself. It's good for the soul, but not so good for the hands, so I don't get much done. Happy reading!!!