Saturday, April 7, 2012

Feeling lost

This is my Dear Friend Thelma...
We served on a few church calling
though out the year's..  She was in
 a car accident on April 2nd.
And now with her love one's on the other side.
She has realy been a rock for me, to leen on
the last few year's, Alway's there to call and talk to.
Now I feel lost, Who will call ? to see if I'm ok?
Who can I call almost any time, and she be there.
Yep I'm having a pity party....I will truely miss her.
I'm on my own now more or less...Yes I have the Lord.
But so verry nice to have someone here a live.
That  know's and real care's in the same way.
Well life go's on, and time I will be ok.
It just got a little onelyer.
(HUGS) Take Care.

PS. I found out from her son it happen on April 1st.
I had talk to her early thar morring.


Buttercup said...

Thelma, I am so sorry to hear about this loss for you. You have my prayers.

Buttercup said...

Dear Cathy, I meant the loss of Thelma. Just typing too fast!

Jan's Blog said...

Oh Cathy I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your dear friend. I am still feeling 'lost' about the loss of my dad almost 7 months ago. You are so sweet and goodhearted. I so appreciated your comment on my blog. We do have to just keep taking baby steps and heading forward. You call me anytime to want. 970-217-0375 We all need to help each other out. Stay strong sweet friend. Love and Hugs, Jan