Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over Doing

Yes I've been over doing it again,just can't seem to help myself,just so much that needs to be done,And
 my dear neighbor Sheryl has been helping me out as often as she can.
She and her Hubby and their chicken Beulah will soon be leving for In. as they do evrry year at this time,and
they will be back come Sept.I surly will miss them as always.They are the sweetest.


Grammy Staffy said...

It is hard not to over do. I understand that. Try to take care of yourself and I will do the same.

I am sorry your neighbor Sheryl is leaving for the summer. I know you will miss her. Friends are such wonderful blessings... well at least you will still have us blog friends near by.... I guess that is better than nothing but not much real help for you.

Thanks again for supporting me. I appreciate your efforts in reading my blog and making comments.

Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

Grammy Staffy said...

Hi Cathyjo,
My blog friend, Linda, told me that it was blogger who stole our posts and they will give them back... with comments in tacked. I hope so. At least we know now who the blog thief is.
Have a nice day, Hugs Lura

Jan's Blog said...

Hi...I've just jumped over here from Lura's blog to say hello. Sorry to hear your neighbors will be gone so long. I would miss them too. If you're bored some time drop by my blog. I too have medical issues, including Diabetes, so I am understand a little bit about your position. I'll frop by again soon.