Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Lot to Do

The of the window in my computer room looking out. So much to get done,it's blow's one's mind.The frist week of the month is always the hardest for me to get though,lots of papper work,I don't like papper work any more est.and a lot of running around,al so tring. My youngest Amanda will be 28 come June 20th.she helps by paying half of things,don't know what I do with out her.We try to take care of each other,It's like the blind leading the blind.but with the Lords help we make it. Do keep us in your prayers as we wiil you,Thank you...If you don't hear from me,I'm just trying to get things done..And will miss you much.but will be back soon or later.Take Care. (HUGS)

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Jan's Blog said...

Sounds like you are a great mother and that Amanda is a tribute to you. I'm glad you have someone that helps take care of you and I'll bet she is glad to have someone love and take care of her. I hope your paperwork won't take you away for too long... I will miss you, but will definitely keep you in my prayers!!!