Friday, May 20, 2011

About Me,You Ask.

You know I love going to church,always have,it's hard theses days.I have to ware long pants under my
outer closes and a nice warm sweater and use a lap blanket to keep my neen's warm.Also to get to church
I have to set in the front left leg dom't been verry much and my right one needs someone to stick it
in the car.when I get their I hoable down the hall it's a trieing walk. But I'm so gratefull to beable to go,
as when winter hits  will be unabled to get around,lucky to get to restroom and back or what ever less.
I can bearly touch the top of the fromt of my forhead ,I've  long handle brush it helps,I hardly ever get my backside washed,I can't reach it anyway,tryed. I just keep doing the best that I can. Maybe this is more then you wanted to know. My body can't stand the cold cold or it to hot or the humiordmity. I'm a mess,Glad it's not the outside that counts.Oh and there so much more. My past a real realy mess.I know well  about abuse also, I think you all know more then enough.Glad that we can take all things to the LORD and he will handle his time and way. (HUGS)


Grammy Staffy said...

I am so sorry for all that you must endure. I am sorry for all the struggles you face every day. My prayers are with you. I am glad that you go to church in spite of the difficulties. Hugs, Lura

Jan's Blog said...

You sweet heart... I know struggles and abuse too. You are so right that the Lord is with us. Just recently I realized that through all the things in my life that hurt me, and when I felt so alone, that Heavenly Father was with me the whole time and what a comfort that brought. You are in my prayers. And, I want you to know, that doing the best you can is enough!!!