Friday, May 20, 2011


I do like to go to Facebook now and then and play this game,I've realy have enjoyed it.And I do have Family and Friends there.They don't blog or read them. realy that I know of. I can only set for so long and it gets to me.One needs to keep moving not to get stiff. And that can be hard at times.Take Care,(Hugs)


Jan's Blog said...

You seem to accept your difficulties with grace and that is an admirable trait. Just sit quiet some time and I'll be you could actually feel Heavenly Father's arms wrapped around you. I'd love to wrap my arms around you too, so here is a cyber hug...
What a wonderful day!!!
Love, Jan

Grammy Staffy said...

I have friends who take farmville very seriously but I've never gotten in to it.
You are right about needing to get up and walk around. They want me to get up and walk every 2 hours. It is not as painful for me to get out of bed now so I try to do that....still sometimes because it is an effort, I go hours without getting up. I need to work on doing better. However, I can really empathize with you. It is hard to make yourself move when it hurts. I am sorry that you have so much pain. Hugs, Lura