Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Tree Musketeers

Well you ask for a picture of the birds.
Sorry it's not very good, don't think
they like it token.


The Three Musketeers
Dancer ,Gabby, Baby.
Have had them for about 20 yrs.
WE use to let them out...before
we had cats or a dog.
Baby is the youngest and use to talk a lot.
The cat and dog were stays that happen
to drop by and did not want to leve..
We not really that fond of them
But couldn't fine them a home,
and did have the heart to trun them in.
as they would be put down as they had no room.
WE still may have to any way as to much for us to care for.
I have a hard enough time caring for myself as it is.
The birds stay, they are such dear's.
Thanks for dropping by
Have a nice day.

1 comment:

Barbara F. said...

Cathyjo,you have cockatiels!! They are adorable!!Thanks for sharing the photo. xo