Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy and scared

I'm happy that my neighber, is coming home from Ind.
She called and said they would leve Fri. night
It will be so good to have them back. I all
ways miss them so. They are not of my faith.
but good people who love the Lord.
 Praying they have a safe trip home.

Yes I'm scared, I believe that some how I've step on
some glass and it's still in my foot. Both my grls
have to get it out,but just a pice if that. Going to
go over see if my other daughter to see if she can.
I have a Doctor appointment this coming tuse.
Please keep me in your prayers
. And also keep our old cat
 Daisy in yor prayers as well.
She realy needs to be put down
I do think, but no way of doing it.
 Thank you.
Thanks so much for dropping by.
Best wish'es for you and your.

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