Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes Yepe it's finely raining here,just a real nice rain.
I do hpoe it stays long enought to good some good.
I tryed to get some pictures but they didn't trun out.
All it's only 3:30 am. geuss to dark out anyway.
Looking forwords to a nice week ahead.
And hoping you all have one youslefs. ((HUGS))

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Grammy Staffy said...

Dear Cathyjo,
I am glad that you are getting a nice rain but it worries me that you are up at 3:30 a.m. to post about it. I am afraid that means you are having a painful night that won't let you sleep.
What temple is that in your Sunday post? It is beautiful.
I love your hug coupon. I just had to make a copy of it. I am sending you lots of cyberhugs. They are not as good as real hugs... but.. since we are far apart they will have to do. I do hope that you have a good week. Many hugs, Lura