Monday, July 25, 2011

Finely some rain

Yes we finely got some Rain,
but not enought to realy do any good so far
 Hopefuly we'll get some more. Soon.

The Comfort of His Love

When I'm in need of courage
On Him I can rely.
I merely need to ask His help
For He is standing by.

He fortifies my waning strength
When pressures take their toll.
And little heartaches make it hard
To keep tears in control.

He gives me hope for better times
When treasures slip away.
He inspires me with glowing faith
That clearly lights my way.

I'm grateful for His blessed
Intervention from above.
But most of all. I'm grateful
For His sweet, unselfish love.

By Catherine Janssen Inwin

Hoping that everyone has a
wonederful week. ((Hugs))

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Jan's Blog said...

Another beautiful poem. We have similar taste in poetry. I'm glad you got even a little rain. I'm melting here in So. California, but I shouldn't be complaining as they are truly suffering in the middle of the country. Love you, Jan