Friday, July 22, 2011

A Little Crazzy

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I think these's guys are so cute, they make me smile.
I'm just a big kid at heart, can't seem to help it.
I geuss because I didn't get to do a lot when I was one.
Well it's just me being me.I like color here and there
bright little spots of fun. And soft pastels of harmony.
Sweet and gentle sounds.of the rain...loughter...
and of lovely music..fuling the air...It must be heven.

Oh! here a picture of my dear daugther who is also
my caregiver as I'm her's in away. I sure enjoy her
being around and all she doe's for me. Fixing my
hair and giving back rubs est.

She brings Music to my life evrry day a real joy.
I wish you all a lovely day. ((HUGS))

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