Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can't Sleep

Well one doesn't know were life will take us.
Can't sleep agin my mind keeps thinking to much.
Gota letter from my oldest child today.
 lovely sweet gril not in good health and her hub
been with out work for over a yr. And been look
-ing for work and found notting.So they are down
and out of meens est. So they may need a place.
I've told them to come here and they may or go
to thier daugthers, I don't know. What will be.
So many are having it hard these's days.
One way or another it seems and the only
thing I know to do is Pray and just keep Praying.
As always could use all the Prayers I can get.
Thank You and (((HUGS)))

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Jan's Blog said...

Sometimes all we can do for those we love is pray. Sending prayers for all!!!