Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Pome

What More Can You Ask

 God's love endureth forever
What a wonderful thing to know
When the tides of life run agaist you
And your spirit is downcast and low--

God's kindness is ever around you,
Always ready to freely impart
Stregth to your faltering spirit,
Cheer to your lonely heart--

God's presence is ever beside you,
As near as the reach of your hand,
You have but to tell Him your troubles,
There is nothing He won't understand--

And knowing God's love is unfailing,
And His mercy unending and great,
You have but to trust in His promise-
God comes not too soonor too late"--

So wait with a heart that is patient
For the goodness of God to prevail-
For never do prayers go unanswered,
And His mercy and love never fail.

By Helen Steiner Rice

I 'm so glad for God's love for us all
I for all He does for me every day.
I do hope you all have a grate day,

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