Friday, June 17, 2011

Wram Day

This pic I found cute,and kinda
reminds me of my grandson Nour.
Got my Ensign the other day
 and been enjoying reading it.
I'm doing better as I can hang in
longer to get things done.
Oh I still pay for it in sorenest
 for a long time it seems.
No gain without pain,they say,
which we know is true.
Sure missing my blog friends,
haven't heard from them lately.
But they say no news is good news
 and that I sure hope is so.
Looks to be a lovely wram day out today
agin a little to wram for me.
And you know I like wram
 verry much so I'm thankful.
Hope you have a wonederful day
 filled with many smiles.
PS. The day just right.

1 comment:

Grammy Staffy said...

Hello Dear,
I am sorry that I've not blogged much this week. I have a lot of visitors and my meds make me tired. I have wanted to blog but just haven't found the energy. I am glad that you are feeling a bit better. I need to follow your example and get out our new Ensign and read it.

Jan is in Vegas with Derian. I hope she is feeling good enough to enjoy this special time with her precious niece.
Have a great weekend. Hugs, Lura