Monday, June 6, 2011

Looking Forwords

Just don't know were to start,there's always so much to do
.Sometime's I just want to though up my hand's and runed.
 But instead I shell set back and take it one little step at a time.
By starting doing my blog.My brids are sure chriping away this morring
.It look like it will be a nice day.
And I'm sure I will get it fully use up one way or another
.Looking forwords to see what this week brings.
You all take care.((HUGS))


Grammy Staffy said...

I love the darling birds on this post. They make me smile. I understand what you mean when you say it is sometimes hard to get started. I feel that way myself. I seem to hurt more today and don't feel like lifting my head from the pillow.... and yet, I know I should get up and move around. sometimes it is hard to do what you know you should.

I am glad that you enjoyed Fast and testimony meeting yesterday. I miss going to church. I was lucky that both hospitals I was in had church services. I could go in my jammies and attend almost every week. If I could go to church here in my pjs, then I think I could make it. LOL Too bad that getting up, showered and dressed is such an ordeal that by then I am ready to go back to bed....not to church. Oh well, that day is coming before too long I hope.

Have a great week. Feel better. Hugs, Lura

Jan's Blog said...

I love those darling birds. I'm always excited on Monday to see what the week brings...just like you. Hopefully this week will bring a return to health. If I'm well, I'm going to Vegas in about 10 days to see my precious great niece, Darien! Please pray for me.
Have a great week!!!