Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I 'm trying to simplfie my mind and est.
By thoughing out the worry's and the things
I no longer use or need. house cleaning.
Leving more thing for the Lord to care for.
Becuse I do Trust in him,more fully then ever.
He's my love,and he make's me happy.
I'm so grateful to have him in my life.
I pray that each day that you will fine
a little joy here and there to smile about.


Marie said...

Hi Cathy, so nice to find you here!! I didn't know before the other day that you had a blog. I try to find the best in each day too. It's not always easy but with the Lord's help, I manage to most days! Sending you love and hugs! xxoo

Jan's Blog said...

You are so wise to shed your self of things not needed, and replacing them with time for, love you, and love for our Heavenly Father. I've purged myself of earthly treasure in hopes of finding more heavenly treasures and it worked beautifully. My burden is lighter and happier. I know the same is happening for you!!!