Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Please Pray for Lura she is in need of all our prayers.
You can read all about it 
Thank You and I know she will  TY also.
   (((HUGS))) xx


Grammy Staffy said...

Thank you so much Cathyjo. You are so sweet to think of me and ask others to do the same. I really appreciate your prayers and support. .... and.... I do need them. I am a bit worried about having this surgery when I have not yet recovered from the accident. I am afraid that the drs. think I have cancer or they would not operate on me now.... but then I know the Lord is watching over me and all will be well no matter what the outcome is.

I hope that you are feeling better. I am sending you hugs, Lura

Jan's Blog said...

Hi Cathyjo...I'm scared too for Lura and what this surgery will reveal. She has the support of many friends and family and all our prayers are important to her. She is always in my prayers, as are you, but now she needs special prayers and I am sending them to her!!!