Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am all smile's

Yes geting to be with the young pepole brings  many smile's.
It was  Fast Sunday and Testimonies  Meeting today,
And there were  many wonederful testimonies given,
so up lifting that brought both tear's and smile's.
The class lesson was about intentianality.
And the teacher was verry good at persenting it.
The RS lesson was about modesty "H T M"
(Hug the Mountain of the LORD)
Anyway this all brought more then six smile's
and in just one day. I truely feel blessed.
PS. and plus some real good food.

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Jan's Blog said...

Cathyjo, I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day. You've sounded a bit down lately and I was worried, but today you sound so very happy. I'm so glad you enjoyed your meetings. I was ill and missed meetings today, and I always hate it when I miss fast and testimony meeting...I just love to hear people talk about their testimony. I've only ever once gone to the front to share my testimony...I'm shy about such things. Do you speak in meetings much???