Friday, June 10, 2011

What Do You THINK?

As always I got a lot to do,but I'm in no hurry.
Well so I must get busy and do it soon.
Any way I thought I ask you what you think of
the way I have hidden things.The's
and other blog's behind the pic's on the rightside
of my blog?I put them there so I could get to them faster.
But hope they might help you also in some way.
 Do let me know what you think pls.
Thanks. Sorry I  have go as
I have a ride picking me up to
go shoping ,jsut need a few things for cleaning.
So take Care.((HUGS))

1 comment:

Jan's Blog said...

Hi took me quite some time to figure this out, but wow...that is really fun. How do you do that. I've never seen anyone do that before. You're a computer wiz aren't you, and not telling us. I've got you figured now!!! Really, that is soooo neat!!!