Thursday, October 3, 2013

My little

Wow I think this is ....
Just's a live and in bloom.
I sent away for it, and got it in March.
I went out the other day and their it was in bloom.
my little patio tree.
Can you guess what it is?.....
I love this fruit, I only fine it in the store's
in Oct.-Dec. mostly. Hopefully next year some nice fruit.

I've been over to my daughter's  house
 for the last few day's.
She keeps a lovely home, I always enjoy my stay.
Wish I could stay longer, and in better heath
 so I could enjoy it even more.
She has these saying's on her walls.

She got from her dear friend who has passed on.
and this one is her hubby's
It's some type  of a blessing.
She has a lot of smaller saying all thought out the house.
I shear miss my children , all of them just being all around,
so I can hug them all every now and then. And of course
getting hugs.
I could never be happy with out my family.
I'm so happy that Family's are Forever.
Thanks for dropping by...and for all your friendship's.
Wishing You and YOUR's only the Best.

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Kays Kids said...

There is nothing nicer than to be with family.