Thursday, October 17, 2013

Create Some thing

I have a need to create some thing,
Keeping my mind and hands active.
Always moving forwards some how.
It's what make's life worth living.

I would really like to make some, some time.
Just love pretty thing's

Internet Explorer stop up loading my
picture's so I'm using FireFox 4 now. 
I'm having a time geting use to it.

This is Baby at 11yrs. She was a grate friend
 who I miss so verry much..
When I fell she was there to help get help.
She new just what to do.

Now I have Nina who's about 4yrs
still verry much a puppy.
She a wire hair Jack Rushall
She realy needs some one younger
Don't know why the Lord sent her my way.

The last few days I've felt good.
Just kinda num allover, this is new to me.
Nice hope it last for......

Do keep dear Daisy our cat in your prayers always please.TY.

Thanks for dropping by.

"Joy does not simply happen to us.
We have to choose joy and 

keep choosing it every day."
~Henri Nouwen


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Kays Kids said...

Your little puppy is beautiful. I bet she is a bundle of energy.