Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Hello my name is Bow
My Daddy name me.
He has been in heaven
for eight yrs now,and
I do miss him a lot.
I still have my Monny
and many friends.
What do you think of
my costume?
My Mommy waited
until the last min.
to though some thing
together for me.
My Daddy all way's
loved the Holowday's
thats why I dress up.
My Mommy say's it's time
for me to say good by for now.
So Good=By, see you later.


Bow is a very sweet.and dear bear.
I think quite the cutie...but so are
his friend's..can't help it love them all.

Here our garden.

Ah a dear little garden friend.

 , lettuce , nice to see some thing growing.

Our backyard need's mowing.Daisy love 's to set on Amanda's exercise bike.
She still need's your prayer's, as you can see her left ear,it has the tumor .

Thanks for dropping by.
Have a nice Halloween.


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