Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Will over come

Sure looks good,nice and warm.
The morrings get cold to me.
Well got the frount room done up.
We need all the cheer we can get.
And lots of prayers also please TY.
Having someone living here that
don't love the Lord, is hard.

I have 4 rule's, I want lived by
in this house, no cusing, no s moking,
no drinking, no fighting. He  done like
it, so if you don't, you know where the
door is. So a lot of mutoring .....
There no real freebe's...
Anyway's  I'm not going to let him get
me down..So I go to the Lord often.
And with the Lord's help and all your
Prayers...We will over come.
Take Care. ((HUGS))

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