Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amanda Dress UP

Amanda dressed up .
She dressed up two time's before,but didn't get pic's
BW didn't want to be dressed up.

Amanda when out to at less 3to4 doings.
 I just the one on the 28th.
Well I'm glad it's all over and hope
next yr. will be better for all.

Sorry I'm been down some what lately.
I think just that time of yr. for me.
When so much is going on and one can't
realy do anything much. Only Wish.
Do Take Care.((HUGS))

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Grammy Staffy said...

Hello Dear,
I hope that you get to feeling better soon. I know that it is hard when you want to do so much and you can't.... believe me I know! Just remember that you don't have to be busy doing to be a valuable being.

Have a good week. Hugs, Lura