Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Day

Well just another day realy,I think this lovely and cheerful.
We got a nice rain and the sun is out,hope it stays out.
Well 69, it's good, tuefuly didn't think I would make it this far last yr.
I'm truely Thankful for all the Lord has done for me.
And for the Love of family and friends.

 Oh ! I can almost smell these's, there so sweet and lovely.
Sure hoping all of you out in blogerland or doing ok.
I love your blogs as they are so uplifing,and take me to so many lovely place's.
I'm sorry I can't always leve a comment, hoping you will forgive me.
Do Take Care of Yourselfs. ((HUGS))

1 comment:

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Those are really pretty flowers! I love lilacs and they look like them. Love the cat perch and your cat peeking over the fence. Very cute. Hope you had a nice day!