Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This is one of my dolls I think she's lovely. She reminds me of a blog friends nice.
Got her a few years ago, she had a chrush arm,
it was all in pices,and they were thoughing her out.
As they said she could not be sold that way.
I ask if they could sell her outfit,they said yes.
So I was able to get her.The tag said her name was
Margret.but I do think she looks a lot like Darien.
Such a lovely, sweet and darling little gril.

Bears I have many
As ready as will be for Christmas.

See the blasons, I'm worred some what It's to trun cold tomarrow.

As you can see no more roses so just stuch in something for now.
Well enough rarming, do Take Care. ((Hugs))

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Grammy Staffy said...

I love your sweet doll with the broken arm.... I know how she feels...and yes, I think she does look like Darien.. You house looks so darling. I love bears. I love your block planting boxes too. Have a great week. I must run because I have much to do before we leave for the temple. Hugs, Lura