Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last Day of Aug.

And that is how the sky looks today so far.

Amanda gone to Presscott to a sinle aduit,
Regional Conference YSA. It should be fun.

So I'm more less alone, plenny to do.
But don't realy feel like it.
Haven"t felt good all week, and haven"t
got the sleep I need ether, enough of that.

I put a pot of beans on for tonight.
Will try to tiddy aroud the house some.
Wonder what Sept. holds?

I'm in the Sept. of my life I like to think.
Life seems to always trun out in ways
we don't  think about or wish moust of the time.
But we fine ways to make the best of it.
Keep moving for words.

Thanks for dropping by.

There a cute pic. Use to be me, most of us.

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