Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just on my mind

And a Daughter of a King,
 I do seem to forget this in a way.

Yes I done this from time to time in my life.
And forget who I realy 'm.
I'm so thankful for my Heavenly Father,
and all he's done for me.
I'm truly bless.
I'm feeling so much better,
 and got my wits back some what.
Thanks for droping by,
I so enjoy when you do.
Just a thought...take care.


Marie said...

Cathy Jo, I am so grateful for my membership in the church and all the blessings it has brought into my life, one of which is YOU! Love your sweet comments and thoughts. Love YOU! xxoo

Barbara F. said...

Hi Cathy, I am SO glad you are feeling and doing better. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. xo