Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Much Better

Ah, my little spicer is hanging in and geting biger.
And I been hanging in and doing better, still not
realy up to doing much yet. Hopefuly soon.
Quite tried of all this. You know what I meen.
And with my mind and boddy going crazzy
so hard to stick with anything. Just trying to do
about anything to get my mind off of things.
It seems that my boddy has became even weeker.
I just wish I could get myselh back together.
But don't know, If it will even be the same self?
I do know it will take time, and i'm not good with that.
You think by now that I would be. Well....
geting tried seem to do that more offten lately.
Do take Care of yourselfs ok.((HUGS))


Jan's Blog said...

Oh I do know what you are saying. I often feel the same way... I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Lura and I got together with Kris yesterday and made valentine cards, which was just wonderful, and we had a sweet little talk about you and how we all hope you're doing better soon. We all care very much about you...I hope you feel that 'cause it's very true!!!

Love and hugs, Jan

Buttercup said...

Take good care and hope you're feeling much better very soon.