Monday, January 9, 2012

Best for us

Hi! Dear Friend's I'm feeling much better.
I've apontment for 8:15 on the 12th with Doc.
I'm going as I know I need to and hope he's
not to upset with me.

I was wondind if any of you know what kind of
bushes or tree these are/? I would like to know.

For the New Year I'm Leting Go more and
Looking a head more.Living more in the moment.
For who knows that maybe all we have.
Life is to short to wake up with recgets,

So lets Love oneanther and forgive and pray
always . And Belive that Everything Happens for
a Recson.And God Knows each of Us and Whats
Best for Us.  ((Hugs))


Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry your under the weather. Do you know or have any suspicion as to what could be causing it? I hope you find some relief when you see your doctor. Hugs and come back again. Tammy aka coopy

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Thanks for the comment today regarding my daughter and me missing her! I really do miss her so much! But I'm so happy where she is attending college and exciting for all the open doors coming her way. Hope you had a good report from the doctor and are able to find a way to relax and sleep better! I've been there! Enjoy your day!

Jan's Blog said...

Good luck at your doctor appointment today. I hope the Lord will guide him to find a way to give you relief. Your suggestion that we love more and live more in the moment is excellent advice. I'm working on it too! Love and hugs, Jan