Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On the mend

Welll hi, Sorry been under the weter with head and chest cold
whole family here at this house,were all on the mend finely.

Yestorday I sat out fount I sored beans,for a pot for sup.tonight.
And wacth my neighbor next door get there tree tooken down.

Wow I had never seen one tooken down that way befor.

This is how it looks today.You can see the tump,they my cut it down storter.

I love this old pot,my bean pot.
My beans notting fanny just a little buter,onin,rosted
green chiles and a ham bone, leftover from Thanksgiving.
They are  ready to eat....hopefuly they will be around for Supper tonight.
Wish you all the verry best and thanks for droping by,((HUGS))


Jan's Blog said...

Good Morning! I so sorry to hear that you have been down will illness. Seems like it's the time of year for colds and flu. I got my flu and pneumonia shots this week.
It was very interesting watching the tree get taken down. Wow. Hope all is well with you this weekend and that you are feeling blessed. Take good care of yourself. Love you, Jan

Chenille Cottage said...

Blessings, this Monday morning,
Your blog is lovely.
I am thinking that I just might make up a batch of chili today. Yours looks sooooo good. It's cold and we have a possibility of snow today...Perfect weather for something hot!
Have a wonderful day.

Grammy Staffy said...

I want some of those beans. They look so good. Wow... That was a big tree to take down. We just had several of ours removed from our side yard. They had died. I was sad to see them go.
Sorry you have been sick. I've been having health problems too, I hope you are better soon. Take care sweet friend. Hugs, Lura