Thursday, November 15, 2012


As you can see I whent to the Doc. today
and all is under control but my Vin,D3
I can hardly belive it,but happy finely.
And he said he couldn't give me any
stronger pain med's,when and if I need
them I would have to go to a specialists.
This is Amand's Doc.also she thinks he's
just grate,use to be her dad's also.So we
have stayed with him.He's a real nice guy.

We all love mybe a little to much, they seem to put
some weight were we don't want it. and so does
noucho's you know all nice melded cheese.
put 3lbs on me in a week,no more,got to whack it.

So long for now,got to run.((HUGS))


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