Monday, December 12, 2011

Joy Lights

I just always love looking at Christmas Lights
and listing to the Christmas Music that fill's the air.
It lifts my soul, I just wish I was able to get out
and see and listin to more of it around aout.
I'm so gratefull to all my dear sweet blogland
friend's that stay in touch and help get me though
the  hard times that seem to be right around the
corner at times. I don't know how to realy
Thank You., but know you are in my prayers.

It's raing here today, they it will for next 3 days.
I'm staying in and reading mostly. and doing a little
crochet and whach a few old Christmas Movie's
I hope my son John shows up as he said he would
he's always so besy if I get to see him once or twice
a year I feel lucky. Oh! how one missies   Love One's
this time of the year.Hopely they are all safe where
ever they are and having a Merry Christmas.



Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I love all the Christmas lights. It's raining here today too. I love the rain. It's a good time to bake or crochet. I love Christmas music and keep it playing all day. I always feel so peaceful in the rain.

I hope you are well and enjoying this Christmas season.


Jan's Blog said...

Hi Cathyjo: I'm sorry to have been so distant of late and I want to assure you that you are so very special to me and that I care very deeply about you, pray for you and love you. I'm going to try to repent of neglecting those I care so very much for!!!