Monday, December 5, 2011


Daisy been sleeping here evey night lately.

For Christmas...We are having Honey Sp. Ham.....est.
A way to go yet, I'm always glad when the Hallowdays are over.
Silly as you look forwords to them in away.
It's cold here now. anyway for us. So nice to crawl in and get wram.
Wish I had a feater bed, I got to sleep in one many years ago.
 Sorry not much going on.I did make a doll dress for an old doll the other day,
She's seting in the chair with Daisy.
Well you all do thake care. ((Hugs))

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Buttercup said...

Daisy looks so cozy! We've had some chilly days, too. I'm all in sweaters and knee socks.