Sunday, September 4, 2011

I can hardly wait for this to be done.
And get to go though it.
Oh! another dream is go though
St.GeorgeTemple, Mount Timpaiogo Temple'
Salt Lake Temple, Manti Temple,
Hopefuly before I pass on.
And well I love to beable to go though them all
wouldn't you?....Grate Day Today.
Got seven Hougs ,real ones.They sure maked
my a.......
My singing leves a lot...
When I was a lot younger I dremp of  doing
Temple work for the dead in the here after
in a big -big Library...Well as I always
say who knows......Yes ok I maybe crazzy.
And thats ok, as my dear Daughter says it's
still a verry lovely dream whatever...
Do have a wonderfull week.


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