Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Raspberry Vinegar

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Raspberry Vinegar Concentrate

6C.fesh or frozen raspberries

1c.white vinegar

Pour vinegar over the berries, cover,

and let brine for 2-3 days at room

temperature. Strain out juice and

discard the pulp. Measure. And an

equal amount sugar or honey,

heating to dissolve.



This will make about 1 quart
  Pour a small

amount in the bottom of a glass

and fill with water. You'll soon

see what strength you enjoy!

The quart of concentrate will

make about 8 gallons of beverage

but store perfectly fine in a

covered jar in the fridge for a long time,

A nice fresh drink I think at any time
for those'd who enjoy tea .

Sorry I'm still hacking sense Sept.
Claritin dos help some. So tried of it,

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